AC Duct Cleaning

HVAC units extract air from the outdoors, taking in dust, debris, and other congestions in the environment. While continuously recycling this air in living spaces, it runs through the same dirty filters and contaminate the ducts with each cycle – spreading more bacteria, fungi, and dust inside.

This continuous recycling of dirty air could cause health hazards, foul odors, furniture damage, and high electricity bills.

It is recommended to deep-clean AC ducts once a year, and filters cleaned monthly or quarterly – depending on the size of HVAC units or building.

The Process

  1. Protecting household items with polythene sheets
  2. Removing, jet-washing, and sanitizing air terminals using Pinol® detergent
  3. Observing and photographing existing internal duct conditions
  4. Agitating air duct interiors using Vac Systems© brushes, and Sanitizing & Cleaning ducts using Aqua Kleene™ A/C Duct Cleaning
  5. Dust collecting using negative pressure HEPA filter dust collector
  6. Sterilising & Cleaning ducts using Gelair™ All Purpose solution and Gelair™ Fogging Machine
  7. Reinstalling air terminals (grills, filters, diffusers)
  8. Removing protection sheets
  9. Final housekeeping (mopping, vacuum cleaning)
  10. Handing over property to client

Coil Cleaning

Research suggests that cleaning evaporator and condenser coils improves the efficiency of HVAC systems, resulting in a longer operating life, as well as energy and maintenance cost savings.

Clean coils help eliminate foul odors, and reduce impurities passing through the HVAC system. Our coil cleaning services are instrumental in enhancing your AC performance and maintaining maximum airflow efficiently.

The Process

Dismantle Method

Evaporator/condenser coil, fan blower, fan blower housing, and drip tray are dismantled. Individual parts are then cleaned using high-pressure water-jet and Alubrite™; a special coil cleaning solution

In-Situ Method

Evaporator coil is cleaned in-situ, and the fan blower, fan blower housing, and drain tray are dismantled and cleaned using high-pressure water-jet and Alubrite.

Air Duct Cleaning - تنظيف مجاري الهواء

AC Service and Maintenance

AC maintenance saves on electricity bills, and minimizes pollutants and toxins continuously being emitted into dwelling spaces – saving on medical bills.

The Process

Get in touch with our team to schedule an inspection and receive a maintenance checklist.

Air Duct Cleaning - تنظيف مجاري الهواء

UVC Sterilization

As clean as our homes may be, we cannot be certain of what lurks beneath the surface of beds, pillows, sofas, carpets, and duvets. While asleep, the average person sweats around half a liter of liquid a night – forming suitable environment for germs, bacteria, bed bugs, and dust mites to multiply.

HydroGulf is the exclusive provider of state-of-science remUVe™ – MK-2, a NATA-accredited (Australia), medically-certified device that disinfects surfaces at 99.99% efficacy – water- and chemical-free. remUVe kills microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, making it impossible for them to replicate.

Also, learn here how remUVe – MK2 can help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Process

On bare mattresses, sofas, carpets, duvets or pillows, remUVe™ – Commercial Vacuum is applied to the entire surface to loosen and eliminate impurities.

Then, remUVe MK-2 is travelled on the entire surface, patch-by-patch, exterminating bacterium, mold, fungi and microbes along the way

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is used for domestic applications to clean floors, walls, curtains, windows, blinds, carpets, beds, and sofas using steam jet at 120 to 160 °C. Steam kills bacteria and dust mites; removes resistant mold, yeast and fungi and prevents their recurring; removes early-stage stains, depending on discoloring material; and eliminates odors and grease.

Steam Cleaning has industrial applications too, such as eliminating grease and removing dirt from engines and surfaces.

The Process

Surfaces and items to be steam-cleaned are first checked for material type, discoloration, and wear & tear, and client is informed of initial conditions. Items are then vacuumed for removing dust.

Then, Steam Italy 3000D™ cleaner is used to jet-steam the surface or item, without over-wetting. Finally, any excess water is thoroughly vacuumed using the 3000D vacuum cleaner.