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Since 2012, Hydrogulf Advanced Maintenance LLC had grown to be the indoor air quality service provider of choice in the UAE. We began our journey in Abu Dhabi with 8 staff comprising of AC technicians, electricians, a maintenance supervisor, and a project manager.

Our wide range of sanitizing, disinfecting, sterilizing, and cleaning services are an endeavor to make the indoor environment a pleasurable and holistic experience. We believe that fresh, clean air is a birthright that shall not be compromised – whether indoors or outdoors.

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Welcome to HydroGulf,

It’s no secret that healthcare has been front and center on the world stage as of late. Perhaps more pressing is the issue of air pollution and climate change, which promise no less havoc to wreck in our daily lives: the way we work, the way we take leisure, the way we transport, and indeed, the extent we keep our health.

While we don’t claim a panacea for pandemics or climate change, HydroGulf can assuredly promise you -at the least- a healthy atmosphere in the most valuable places of all: your home and your office.

Serving households and corporates in the UAE, HydroGulf has been the hallmark of Indoor Air Quality services since 2012, with an excess of 1,000 projects completed and hundreds of happy clients to testify. Our bet on Quality is non-negotiable; our commitment to our clients is perennial.

We invite you to stay conscious of air pollution indoors as well as outdoors. We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors.



To offer reliable services that enhance the quality of indoor living in the United Arab Emirates

Breathing fresh air and cleaner living for every household, office space, study and play-room

Health – Improving our client’s well-being.

Passion– We enjoy what we do and are fueled by the crucial situations that require our skills and expertise.

Team work – Our team is not just professional, yet personable and respectful individuals.

Integrity – There is no compromise when it comes to our customer’s interests, privacy and due care during our visits.

Quality – we pride ourselves with building sustainable relationships with happy clients.

Consistency – delivering neat, clean, timely work and professional work every single time


When it comes to air quality, Quality is in the name. Out bet on offering Quality service is non-negotiable. It is what differentiates us, and it is the reason our clients trust and appreciate our relationship with them.


We are available 24/7. Reach out via phone, email, or social media, and tell us about your HVAC problem(s). We’ll note down your contact details, and schedule an appointment for a free inspection. We’ll also arrange for necessary permits to access your community – where applicable.

An inspection team and a project manager will be dispatched to your premises, where they will lodge detailed notes on the status quo of the HVAC system, take pictures of different HVAC items, and document their comments.

A detailed inspection report will be produced, along with a quote for the proposed course of action, and sent within a couple of hours from the inspection visit.

The HydroGulf team will be dispatched to execute the project at a scheduled day, and a final report will be produced and sent within a few days from work completion.

The number of team members to be dispatched, and expected work duration, are dependent on the size of the premise and number of AC units. Typically, a 4 Bedroom/Hall/Kitchen premise requires a team of 5 members and 8 hours to complete.

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